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Oct 22, 2012 11:00pm EDT
to jon jay. holliday has not done much in this lcs. hit by a pitch his last time up. four out of twenty three, no home runs, two rbi. hitting under .200. this last night's game, he had a bad back. jason motte, the closer for the cardinals, gets ready in the bullpen. allen craig and yadier molina will follow. still 0-2. here is the 0-2 pitch from santiago casilla. it misses outside. the cardinals have not lost three straight since september 10th through the 12th and they are in danger of doing that and blowing a three-games-to-one series advantage, and the giants have shut down the cardinal offense almost entirely. a high hopper. tough play. arias got him? nope, safe! belt came off the bag and tried to influence the call by the first base umpire, who gave a quick safe call. that was gione. it looked like holliday beat it. arias did all he could, and he was safe. >> tim: good call. >> joe: it's a base hit. an infield base hit for holliday. and arias couldn't have done much more with it. he looks in for the sign. craig now three out of his last twenty-seven. he's 0 for 3 in this game. he l
Oct 17, 2012 10:00pm EDT
more vulnerable without mitchell boggs. so we'll see. a key at-bat by jon jay here with two runners on. >> joe: the runners will be at second and third with two out. lopez will get that little meeting from the crew chief yossgary darling before he got o the mound. maybe they let him take the time he needs. again, lopez brought in. then the tarp came on. lopez did not have to face a batter, if the giants didn't want to do that. but they're going to stay with their sidearming left-hander, making his first appearance of this nlcs. it will be that confrontation with jon jay, with runners on at second and third. descalso and kozma. so basically three-and-a-half hours later. we're going to resume play with jay at the plate. one for two on the night. lopez was such a big part of it in 2010. now they're going to repaint the batter's box. >> tim: i know we forgot something. what was it? >> joe: and this grounds crew. they have been busy tonight. they've done a great job. you can see erin andrews actually -- erin andrews asked before the rain really hit how this field is drainage wise. and the a
Oct 14, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. and then jon jay against mijares, with jason motte. the cardinal closer getting loose. will have at least a two-run lead in the bottom of this ninth. kozma. strike two. kozma with an rbi single, a stolen base, a run scored in the four-run fourth for st. louis. each side got more in the fourth. after the cardinals got two in the second and the home run by freese. that is all the scoring. fouled back. kozma, not a big guy. he gets a pretty good riff. the count still 0-2. not only does he have a single. for an rbi. but he has lined out to left. >> joe: another 0-2. down for ball one. the giants in their half of this ninth will have the eight, nine and one spot. crawford, pinch-hitter and pagan. two pinch-hitters at the start. kozma strikes out. >> tim: wow! what a disappearing slider by mijares. watch this ball break. it disappears on kozma. missed that ball by eight inchs. that is nasty right there. >> joe: so out, shane robinson will come off the bench to bat for boggs. one scoreless inning for mitchell. after mujica struck out the side in the seventh. rosenthal worked a scoreless sixth. rzepczy
Oct 18, 2012 11:00pm EDT
starts to fall here in the eighth. >> tim: hold the rain. >> joe: it will be the top of the order. jon jay, matt carpenter, matt holliday against lopez. finally got in to this series in game three. one third of an inning, he was the one that was brought in right before the delay. and then came back and got the man at the plate. jon jay. ground ball to first. starts jay with a strike. he's got great action. javier lopez. the 0-1. strike two. so hard on left-handed hitters. >> tim: yeah, when he drops down, as we said last night, the front side comes out of there and you really have no chance. lopez born in puerto rico. moved to washington, d.c., when he was three years old. his dad was an f.b.i. agent. that is what he wanted to be. however, i think he chose the right profession. >> joe: he found a niche. sidearming left-handed specialist. always looking for this type of guy. >> tim: that's right. that is really what the cardinals don't have. >> joe: they have more conventional left-handers, rzepczynski. this guy is deadly on left-handed batters and he gets a strike-out to start his nigh
Oct 19, 2012 9:00am EDT
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Oct 15, 2012 11:00pm EDT
for the giants. >> tim: i think blanco went for the safe play. watch jon jay put the glove up as though he were going to make the catch. blanco did not have a good read. that frees him right there and could only go to third. >> joe: so the bases are loaded with theriot, the right-handed hitter, coming up. rzepczysnki is in the bullpen. right at the top of the hour here in san francisco, a beautiful night, 62 degrees. that's us, joe, tim, kenny and erin at&t park. and this crowd has been loud all night. theriot's second at-bat since taking over for the injured scutaro. good breaking ball for strike 1. on deck, the switch-hitting sandoval with rzepczysnki in the bullpen. here's the 0-1. strike 2. guillermo mota will join romo if this inning gets out of hand. theriot trying to add to it. the 0-2 pitch. breaking ball fouled back. game three, a late afternoon game in st. louis on wednesday. giants trying to even the series. great work tonight from ryan vogelsong, their starter. a breaking ball. fouled away. >> tim: theriot fighting off some good pitches from shelby miller. >> joe: the cardinals are
Oct 2, 2012 6:00am EDT
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Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7